Plastic Bumper & Trim Restorer

Plastic Bumper & Trim Restorer

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Plastic Bumper & Trim Restorer

Give your faded bumper a new shine with the AOR-500 restorer by the AGS Company.

AOR-500 Is More Effective Than Other Plastic and trim restorers

If your car’s trim and plastic pieces fade, changing color from black to grey, it’s time to get a good plastic and trim restorer to make your trim pieces and bumper shine again. However, you need not settle for plastic and trim restorers that are touted to last several weeks or for several washes. Instead, use AOR-500, a permanent solution from the AGS company. It restores the shine on your faded trim pieces and plastic, providing an easy and affordable alternative to replacing the trim or, worse, the car. 

Most other plastic and trim restorers are topical fixes that eventually wear off after exposure to cleaning agents, dirt and UV rays. In contrast, AOR-500 contains features both a dye and a resin component. When you apply it, the plastic and trim pieces absorb it, embedding the product into the material. This is why AOR-500 comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What Is a Plastic and Trim Restorer, and Why Do I Need It?

Plastic bumper and trim restorers are products that restore the appearance of your car’s trim and black plastic. Rather than just sitting on top of the plastic surface and dying it, quality plastic and trim restorer absorbs into the plastic, counteracts oxidation and returns the grey color of the trim. Proper application of these products revitalizes the plastic and helps it withstand the elements. 

Quality plastic and trim restorers are also affordable and need minimal effort to apply. These products shield the plastic from harmful UV rays, dirt and grime, prolonging your trim pieces’ lifespan. Jet black plastic trim pieces look much better than faded grey plastic. The best thing about plastic and trim restorers is that they’re simple to use and require little time for you to see the effects. 

Finding the Best Plastic and Trim Restorer

Most plastic and trim restorers have the same core properties and are either liquid- or oil-based. Silicone-based plastic and trim restorers are not recommended because they come off easily, requiring frequent reapplication. 

When looking for a plastic and trim restorer, ensure that it’s not just a dye that sits on your trim’s surface. Instead, find a quality product that brings back the sparkle on your trim pieces and provides a protective layer that prevents UV rays from damaging the plastic. 

Remember, many plastic and trim restorers are temporary solutions that you may need to reapply frequently. You want a product that lasts longer because it’s less of a hassle. Also, go for plastic and trim restorers that are dry to the touch and don’t leave a greasy or oil finish.

Using AOR-500 Safely

Carefully follow the instructions for use, as plastic and trim restorers can be a fire and health hazard. It may have adverse side effects on the respiratory system, eyes and skin if inhaled or comes into contact with skin. For that reason, we strongly recommend wearing protection for your skin, eyes and nose when applying this product.

Half-face respirators with side filters offer adequate respiratory protection. Rubber gloves and standard safety glasses can prevent your skin and eyes from coming into contact with toxins in this plastic and trim restorer. Crucially, ensure the area in which you use AOR-500 well ventilated with no open flames present. Keep this product away from children. 

Having taken all these precautions, clean the bumper and plastic trim thoroughly before applying AOR-500. You can remove dirt, grease and oils using the AOR-99, another product by the AGS company. This product is for plastic, fiberglass and metal trim pieces what primer is to paint. Before applying AOR-500, shake it well for two or so minutes to ensure the solution mixes evenly. 

Now, spray the AOR-500 on the plastic and trim pieces, then use a clean cloth to spread it evenly on the surface. For the best results, we recommend applying multiple light coats instead a single thick coat. Applying multiple coats also ensures you cover every inch of the plastic or trim surface.

Remember to cover the areas surrounding the plastic or trim with paper and tape to prevent any of the plastic and trim restorers from getting on these surfaces. Removing it can be incredibly difficult. So, if you’d rather play it safe and take off the bumper to apply AOR-500, go ahead. Let it dry, and marvel at the new shine on your bumper and trim pieces.

Note that you can also use AOR-500 to restore the appearance of other black plastic items. That includes everything from plastic parts of furniture to the black plastic piece on top of patio umbrellas.

Purchase Today

Purchase a can of AGS AOR-500 black plastic restorer today and enjoy a lifetime warranty. Remember, you only need to apply the polish once. No re-application will be necessary.

Please be advised the product may cause physical and reproductive harm. Always wear respiratory, eye and skin protection. Use this in a well-ventilated area and keep out of reach of children. Do not work near open flames as this product is extremely flammable. 

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -