What Can Salt Neutralizer Concentrate Be Used On?

Saltwater Boat

You cook with it, clean with it, use it for art projects and so much more. Salt is one of the most abundant compounds on Earth. In fact, one estimate says that there are about 50 quintillion kilograms of salt in the Oceans!

Though there are many useful applications for salt, it can do serious damage to your belongings and vehicles! But, how can you prevent salt damage from happening?

We have a wonderful product called salt neutralizer that can help you combat saltwater damage. Keep reading to learn how to use this product to save yourself time and money.

What Is a Salt Neutralizer?

A salt neutralizer is often a concentrated liquid that changes the acidic pH of salt into a more basic pH that won't cause metal corrosion. Neutralized acid doesn't react with metal anymore.

What Can You Use Neutralizer On?

The most obvious use for salt neutralizer is on metal that comes into contact with road salt. Make sure to use a road salt neutralizer throughout the winter season and any time you see snow on the ground.

A recent survey found that America has about 25 million registered boats. But, do you know how to clean boat hulls after going out on the water? If you take your boat out in saltwater, you'll also want to use a salt neutralizer for boats to prevent hull damage.

Any metal that comes into contact with salt and water needs a neutralizer to halt the reaction. Make sure to neutralize your fishing equipment and saltwater trailers too!

Where Do You Find a Quality Salt Neutralizer?

Several companies make a product to extend the life of your expensive equipment. But, not all neutralizers have the same impact. Look for a quality salt neutralizer that takes mere minutes to work.

How to Use a Neutralizer

It's super easy to neutralize salt when you have the right solution. For best results, follow these easy steps:

  1. Use a pump sprayer or a sponge to apply the liquid solution
  2. Combine 6 oz of AGS Road Salt Neutralizer with 1 gallon of warm water
  3. Apply the solution to the affected area with the sprayer or sponge
  4. Let the solution sit for five minutes
  5. Rinse off the solution with clean water

Don’t Let Salt Damage Make You Salty

The longer you ignore it, the more the damage worsens and costs more money to repair. It's best to have a jug of neutralizer on hand in case you need it.

The best way to protect your property is to neutralize the acid in the saltwater as soon as possible. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have much fewer salt corrosion issues.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about the uses of salt neutralizers. If you have questions about this article or if you need to buy a quality salt neutralizer, contact us today!