Salt Neutralizer - (AOR-86) Product Feature

While driving around, it's easy to see the damage rust can do to vehicles. Bubbled paint and brown stains are external signs of the damage rust does. Underneath the vehicle, it can be eating away at the exhaust and the very structure of the car.

Road conditions such as salt and ice can create the perfect conditions for rust to develop. That's where you come in. Applying an effective road salt neutralizer like AGS Salt Neutralizer can stop this chain reaction in its tracks.

Let's take a closer look at why road salt neutralizer is so effective. We'll also examine what vehicles you can apply it to, and how to apply it to your vehicle. 

Why Vehicles Need Protection

The winter months create a perfect storm for vehicles. 

For a start, there's more rain. Pollution in the atmosphere as well as other natural factors can cause acid rain. Even after this dries, it can leave a thin layer of acid behind.

Over time, this can corrode your paintwork and exposed metal surfaces on your vehicle.

In winter, states put down something that is both a friend and a foe - road salt. Some areas may use other alternative deicing products. Salt can have a very damaging effect on the paintwork of your vehicle.

The problem is not that salt causes rust itself. Salt actually accelerates the chemical reaction between steel and water. It speeds up the rate at which electrons move, and allows rust to set in more quickly.

The result is that during the winter months, rust can quickly start to develop on bolts and other exposed metal surfaces.

Your car's paintwork provides a measure of protection for the steel beneath. But at any time of the year, stone chippings, gravel, and other debris thrown up when driving can make tiny cracks in the paintwork.

Water can penetrate these cracks. Add some salt into the mix and before you know it, you've got bubbling paint, and rust beneath.

Rust can also cause frightening car problems. Some mechanics report finding rusty brake calipers and steel brake lines that have rusted through. Clearly, no one wants to allow their vehicle to get to that state.  

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Once your car starts showing signs of rust damage, there's no way to turn the clock back. You will have to treat the rust and protect the car from further damage. 

Defense is the best form of attack. The solution is to treat your car with AGS Salt Neutralizer before the winter sets in. You can apply this easy application treatment in minutes and it provides long-lasting protection and peace of mind.  

Protect Your Investment

Protecting your vehicles from rust is about more than just aesthetics.

As we've seen, rust can cause safety problems and serious damage to your vehicle. Even paintwork rust damage can be very costly and time-consuming to repair.

To protect your investment and keep your vehicles looking good, apply a protective layer of road salt neutralizer each year. 

How to Neutralize Road Salt on Your Car

AGS Rust Solutions have come up with a simple solution to this perennial issue - AGS Salt Neutralizer.

This easy application yet powerful salt cutter is designed to prevent damage to metal and painted surfaces on your vehicles. It protects against salt, brine, and ice melt. You can use it on all external surfaces of the vehicle, making applying it a piece of cake.  

Applying AGS Salt Neutralizer 

AGS Salt Neutralizer comes in concentrate form. One gallon makes 21 gallons of neutralizer.

Begin by thoroughly washing and rinsing your vehicle and allowing it to dry. Your aim is to have a clean, dry, dust-free surface, ready for the application of the salt neutralizer solution.

Next, prepare a pump sprayer with a gallon of warm water. Carefully add 6 oz of AGS Road Salt Neutralizer Concentrate to the sprayer bottle and gently combine.

Now, simply spray the prepared solution to the desired areas. Remember, it is safe to apply to all external areas of the vehicle. This includes painted and finished surfaces.

Allow the neutralizer solution to react for 5 minutes. Then simply wash it away using clean water.

The process is as simple as that - the definition of easy application. However, the result is something invaluable - peace of mind that your vehicle is now protected with road salt remover.

Salt Neutralizer: Which Vehicles Can I Apply It to?

Road salt neutralizer from Rust Solutions is perfect for all family cars and trucks. From the moment you purchase a new vehicle, you should apply road salt neutralizer. It's best to protect your car right from the get-go, so that rust never rears its head.

But AGS Road Salt Neutralizer protects so much more than just cars!

It's perfect for SUVs, trucks, and RVs too. In fact, these vehicles spend many hours on the road. In the case of trucks and RVs, they may be exposed to a lot more brine and road salt than the average family car. 

Stop corrosion before it starts by applying AGS Road Salt Neutralizer. It's 50 state compliant, so wherever your travels take you, you can apply it with confidence. 

Heavy equipment and snowplows can also benefit from this outstanding protection as well. The huge wheels of heavy equipment often toss a lot of dirt and salt against the underneath and bodywork. Protect them with this excellent salt cutter. 

In fact, you can apply AGS Road Salt Neutralizer to just about any metal surface or painted surface that will be exposed to salt. Even boats can benefit from this outstanding protection. 

Its easy application formulation means that you don't have to spend a whole day applying it. Anyone can do it, and all you need is a pump sprayer.

Don't have a pump sprayer? No problem.

Make up a bucket of road salt neutralizer solution with warm water and you can sponge it on instead. 

Trust AGS Road Salt Neutralizer to Protect Your Vehicles

Whatever vehicle is near and dear to your heart, protect it well with AGS Road Salt Neutralizer.

In one easy application, you'll be protected from road salt, ice, and brine. Head out with confidence this winter, knowing that your car is safeguarded against corrosion.

At AGS Rust Solutions, we provide road salt neutralizers and much more. Our range of products provides everything you need to protect your car from rust and treat any rust you already have.

Order your Road Salt Neutralizer today!