AGS AOR-500 Plastic & Trim Restorer

Can you believe that the average age of a given car on the road is over a dozen years?

If your vehicle is getting up there in age, don't worry because there are many ways you can maintain it. That way, you can get the absolute most out of your vehicle. For instance, AGS has introduced a new and great product for restoring plastic and trim on a vehicle.

Are you wondering if it's something you should invest in? Keep reading to learn about the AOR-500 plastic and trim restorer brought to you by AGS.

What Is It?

Whether your new vehicle experienced a little fender bender or you've had your trusty wheels for a decade, you can rely on the AOR-500 plastic and trim restorer to breathe new life into your vehicle. You may be surprised to realize how a dull paint job can make your vehicle look even older than it is.

One application of this product and any faded and dried-out plastic can look as good as new if not better than before. Most products of this type advertise that they can last a long time, but this suggests that the product's results will eventually fade. AGS's product is better than those because it's a permanent solution, not a temporary one.

There are many ways you can use it, including making your mailbox look new again.

Safety Precautions and Applications

Before doing anything, you should make sure that you're wearing the proper safety equipment. The spray is both toxic and flammable so it should only be used as directed. It's a good idea to cover your skin because exposure can cause irritation and other side effects.

You should also wear a respirator so that you don't breathe in the toxic fumes. Once you've taken care of the safety side of things, you can start investing in the look and health of your vehicle. What's convenient is that you can leave the bumper on but you also have the option of taking it off if you prefer.

Don't forget to cover exterior parts with tape so that you don't spray them by accident. For the best results, it's also crucial to clean off the bumper ahead of time.

Aside from a plastic bumper, you can also apply this nifty product to metal, fiberglass, and any other material that can end up getting painted. This includes vinyl.

Ready to Use This Plastic and Trim Restorer?

Now that you've learned about the AOR-500 plastic and trim restorer, you can add it to your trusty utility belt. With the right products, you'll be able to tackle any and every project.

There are many other great products where the AOR-500 plastic and trim restorer came from. AGS has also brought out products for power steering, lines and tubing, rust solution, and even AC repair.

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